Workmen are men assisting in any kind of work. They usually wear a cap, a blue coat with a white shirt and black tie, over which overalls are worn.  

The Railway SeriesEdit

In Thomas and Victoria, Bertie the bus was ill and workmen had to clamber into Henrietta. Some of them decided to ride on her balcony due to the crowding inside Toby's coach. While cycling past, a policeman sees this and complains to the Anopha Quarry manager in his office that both passengers and workmen are forbidden to ride on Henrietta's balcony. The manager said that Bertie is ill and the crowding was too full on Henrietta, but both he and Sir Topham Hatt have run out of ideas and the police would've made the workmen ride on empty Troublesome Trucks. Thomas' driver sees an old coach and it is brought to Toby for the workmen to ride safely on Victoria than being on Henrietta's balcony.

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