The Wild Nor' Wester is an express that travels on The Main Line from Barrow to Tidmouth and Tidmouth to Barrow. This was pulled by Gordon and when he's busy, James and Henry get to pull the train. In The Twin Engines, this name for the express train to pull commuters, foreigners and tourists was first named in the Railway Series. Its livery in the Railway Series is a yellow-orange colour until circa 1984 (James and the Diesel Engines), they were repainted maroon with a yellow stripe.

The LimitedEdit

In Enterprising Engines, this is another express train this time pulled by Bear. His injector failed to get the train pulling and was stopped. Henry buffered up to the express with D199 on the other end with his oil tankers. The train headed to the station where the Limited is taken by Flying Scotsman. Donald later took the Class 46's goods train from the station after the passenger train was out of sight. This special train only appeared in the 1968 Railway Series book.

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