Wilbert himself.

Wilbert is a 0-6-0 saddletank locomotive who guest stars in his 1994 book, Wilbert the Forest Engine. He is named after the Reverend, Wilbert Awdry who was once the President of the Dean Forest Railway in September 1987. The engine was manufactured in 1953 at the Hunslet Engine Company in Hunslet, Leeds, England and was given the former name "G. B. Keeling" in August 1981.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Wilbert was brought by The Fat Controller because Donald and Douglas were overworked. The Dean Forest Railway manager was a friend of The Fat Controller to give the Scottish twins some assistance. When Percy had an accident with some sacks of oatmeal, Wilbert is diverted to Thomas' Branch Line to help both Thomas and Toby with Percy's jobs. He told the two engines about an old friend, Sixteen who once ingored a danger sign and crushed himself at the tip of an important steelworks when Wilbert used to work at a colliery as a shunting engine. The 0-6-0 now worked in shunting trucks and taking milk tankers at the dairy in Toryreck.

He spent so much time talking to James that water was needed for him, but he stops at the wrong hosepipe and milk flows in instead of water. Thomas takes him back home and jokes about it with Wilbert having the milk and Percy having the porridge. On his final day, Wilbert left for Duck's Branch Line which was the original plan and the Arlesdale Railway makes him welcome. One day, he was to take some Troublesome Trucks when the coupling gear snaps between him and the first truck. With a coil of wire and Bert's advice, Wilbert then took the train home. The Fat Controller tells Wilbert that the Dean Forest Railway needs him back and Wilbert says goodbye to coming home ever again.

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