Thomas' Special Coach is a coach for foreigners or tourists coming to see Thomas' Branch Line as a view to them. After arriving at Tidmouth with the express, Gordon must shunt this coach to a siding before Thomas and his two coaches, Annie and Clarabel come to collect it from Knapford Junction and take it to Ffarquhar. Even though, Thomas likes the special coach and travels with it across his Branch line and backwards.

The Missing CoachEdit

After Gordon arrives with the express, Douglas with an awful thought striking him had forgotten about Thomas' Special Coach and shunt it with the others in a siding. Thomas and his coaches came fussing when Douglas tells him about it. The coach was gone and Thomas tries to find it, but Douglas knew he shunted it with the others in that siding. A mob of angry passengers complained to The Fat Controller, but to distract him, both Donald and Douglas decided to swap tenders. Donald was on goods duty and Douglas had his tender uncoupled. The Fat Controller will investigate the matter but finds out that Douglas is playing a trick with Donald to lure him into a Scottish trap. He later telephones British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan that in twenty-four hours, he will send only one engine away for punishment and the other one to stay put.

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