The Vicar of Wellsworth is a character who appeared in the Railway Series and some episodes of Thomas and Friends such as Buzz Buzz and Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party. The Vicar's real name is Reverend Charles Laxey.

Railway SeriesEdit

In Edward the Blue Engine, he approached Edward with a passenger train and the steam locomotive tells him that Trevor mustn't be scrapped. The Vicar agreed to end this and purchased Trevor from the scrapyard's manager and letting the traction engine to stay in the Vicarage Orchard. By the time of Thomas and the Twins in 1989, the old Reverend retired and one of his sons, also named Charles then took over the Vicarage. Unfortunately, the Reverend couldn't afford to repair Trevor's boiler but after warning Edward to stop when three Troublesome Trucks derailed and the Train conductor survived the incident, The Fat Controller in gratitude paid for Trevor to be repaired at Crovans Gate.

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