The Main Line is the NWR's longest railway route travelling from Barrow in northern England to Tidmouth on the Island of Sodor. Engines operating on this line are Gordon who pulls expresses from Tidmouth station to Barrow Central with James, Henry and Bear doing express duties. Donald and Douglas plus The Works Diesel do goods trains and shunting duties on the mainline. In Thomas and his Friends, Pip and Emma replace Gordon by doing expresses from London to Sodor. This was part of new plans from The Fat Controller and British Prime Minister, David Cameron to not stop at Barrow in passenger trains for the time being.

Main Line StationsEdit

The express or goods service travels from Barrow across the viaduct connecting to Sodor. The train first arrives at Vicarstown where it was formerly the headquarters of the NWR before it was moved to Tidmouth. It goes through Henry's Tunnel and after this, reaches Norramby Branch Line at a junction. The junction is at Ballahoo. Crovans Gate is the next station where it was the terminus to the Skarloey Railway and the Works is here. Then, the train travels to Kellsthorpe Road which is the junction to the Kirk Ronan Branch Line and then, the line reaches to Killdane which is the terminus to the Peel Godred Branch Line.

Cronk is next and trains cross a viaduct to reach Maron, but after this is to descend on Gordon's Hill where most trains stop due to heavy weight and reach Wellsworth which is the junction to Edward's Branch Line. Trains then arrive at Crosby passing through a mile-long tunnel before reaching Knapford, the junction to Thomas' Branch Line. The Main Line terminates at Tidmouth, the North Western Railway's new headquarters and the engines rest at Tidmouth Sheds after working longer shifts. Both commuting and tourism is part of the mainline's new policy to having express trains in the vicinity on the island and inside Britain itself.

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