Terence is a crawler tractor who appeared in both the Railway Series and the television series from seasons one to seven of Thomas and Friends.


In Tank Engine Thomas Again, Thomas had insulted Terence by saying "what ugly wheels you have" which they were called caterpillars and the blue tank engine once again said he liked his own rails with a thank you. Thomas later had to regret this after Terence rescued him from a high snowdrift on the other side of Hackenbeck Tunnel. The crawler tractor was mentioned in More About Thomas the Tank Engine for befriending Duck when he casually took over Thomas' jobs while the blue tank engine is at Crovans Gate feeling very ill.

By the time of Toby, Trucks and Trouble in 1988, Terence did Percy's shunting work while Percy was at Knapford Harbour and told both him and Toby to scrap the rails and become a road instead. This mockery took place at the Ffarquhar Stationmaster's house which Thomas crashed into during Branch Line Engines in 1961. Terence was also helping to build a new barn on the day Victoria was sent back to Thomas' Branch Line. After swerving for a boulder by the Hackenbeck Tunnel, his trailer was uncoupled and fell down the cutting and balanced dangerously by a tree. His trailer was then secured afterwards and Thomas made it to Ffarquhar railway station.

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