The Sodor Dairy serves the dairy products on the Island of Sodor and on Thomas' Branch Line as one of the industries. Although it is located in Toryreck, the milk is delivered every morning from Ffarquhar. Milk, butter and cheese are three dairy products that Sodor gives its people to as food supplies.

The Milk RunEdit

Originally, Thomas gets the milk hitched to his first train, but by the 1960s it was given to both Percy and Daisy who once refused to take it. At one time, Toby had to take the milk while Percy fetched the tram engine's train of stone from the quarry. The dairy was also where in 1994 that Wilbert went to the wrong hosepipe by accident and had milk flowed in his tank instead of water. This happened in Wilbert the Forest Engine before Thomas took him home and joked that Percy had the porridge and Wilbert had the milk.

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