A Signal box is the building where the signalman changes the points and tells engines to which direction they take on the railways of Sodor. Occasionally, signalmen fall asleep like in the television series causing an accident or leaving the points unchanged.

The Railway SeriesEdit

In The Twin Engines, Donald smashed into a signal box while going backwards. The signalman was uninjured and he was very angry including The Fat Controller who was most upset by this. This was based on a real life incident in England involving an LMS Jubilee Class crashing into a signal box the same way as Donald. In Main Line Engines, one of these forgotten to change the points which Edward went onto the Main Line and Gordon switched to Edward's Branch Line to head for Brendam. This was caused by a woman waving goodbye to a friend sitting in one of Gordon's express coaches.

In Enterprising Engines, D199 was waiting with a goods train full of tankers when he failed to start and the signalman taunted him by calling him "spamcan". D199 tried to resist, but the signalman threatened him with a "tin-opener" to be thrown at him or shut the hell up in his mouth. In James and the Diesel Engines, the signalman accidently changed the points thinking that James was ready but he crossed over two lines and crushed the signals to splinters. The Fat Controller was most annoyed by this and sent James to the sheds until he was wanted by the stout gentleman.

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