S. C. Ruffey was a ballast wagon and the ringleader of the Troublesome Trucks who taunted Oliver after he crashed into the turntable well cab first.

The Railway SeriesEdit

When Oliver returned, S. C. Ruffey and his trucks including Fred Pelhay, Rickety and U. L. P. who was the commander in chief of all the Troublesome Brakevans sang a rude song about Oliver called "Pop Goes Old Ollie". Toad began to feel worried about the Troublesome Trucks' supreme commander and by the lack of respect for engines such as Douglas and Oliver. Both Duck and Oliver made a plan about this and marshalled S. C. Ruffey and his lieutenants two by two before the ringleader said to them to hold back and with much strength, Oliver crushed S. C. Ruffey to pieces with his load of coal (on TV was stone) left on the track.

Sir Topham Hatt arrived and told Oliver that it was unserviceable before the truck came with rusty framing and rotten timber. Oliver was told not to tell the Troublesome Trucks about that and it was bad for discipline. S. C. Ruffey was scrapped after the Troublesome Trucks were shocked and said to take care of Mr. Oliver being good or else if they are playing tricks, he's going to pull you in half. The trucks were later well respected to him after S. C. Ruffey was scrapped to death as his own fate.

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