Rex is a green engine that enjoys nothing more than teasing fellow friend Mike. He was generally a hard worker, but often had problems with traction like in Jock the New Engine when he leaks his steampipe and was rescued by Frank the Diesel.

Bio in the BooksEdit

When his old railway closed down in England, The Fat Controller telephoned British Prime Minister Harold Wilson at the last minute to send Rex, Mike and Bert to the Arlesdale Railway because he's building one. The railway is only used for tourists and mining traffic, but after securing a deal to transport wool down to market, Rex was chosen by Mr. Fergus Duncan to pull the very first train. After an accident had been heard from Mr. Duncan, Rex was put back onto the rails with the farmhand clearing up the mess and his train was eventually rescued for once from several days on.

Rex later breaks his steampipe while carrying a passenger train and Frank had to rescue him. This caused Mr. Duncan to build a new engine in the workshop naming him Jock from Douglas' point of view. He also was told along with Bert and Mike at the sheds about Wilbert Awdry's search to find Duke. The Small Controller was damningly confused, but chose Bert to take the Reverends to Duke's burial site. He makes a cameo in Oliver the Western Engine and mentioned in Wilbert the Forest Engine.

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