"Old Stuck-Up", so nicknamed by James behind his back is a haughty Diesel. He was sent by British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher who is the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 for eleven years to visit the North Western Railway. The Fat Controller asked BoCo to show him around for being versatile.

The Railway SeriesEdit

The BR Class 40 1Co-Co1 travelled to the railway to deal with passenger and goods work, only to find out that he has to sleep with Sir Topham Hatt's engines. He quotes them as "out of date objects" plus to say like James is this known as "dirty, smoky sidings, ugh". He also says that British Railways will keep their preserved steam locomotives in place and aren't allowed to be on the main line without special permission. BoCo abandons him and tells him sternly to stay out in the cold if he was proud about it and goes to join his friends. James called him "Old Stuck-Up" behind the BR Class 40's back. Early next morning, Old Stuck-Up needed refuelling before meeting Prime Minister Thatcher back in London. BoCo and Bear's oil made the cleaning sector in the shed very slippery and the Diesel slips on them with his eyes closed, but crashes head-first into the back of Tidmouth Sheds.

Douglas had to pull him back to safety and The Fat Controller made the repairs faster than expected all afternoon. When the engines came home, the story was said by Douglas who cleared up the mess. Henry chortles about it and BoCo says it's versatile that kept him being cool with Old Stuck-Up. The Fat Controller sent the BR Class 40 packing and tells the British Prime Minister that one more repeat of this, he will not allow more Diesels into his yard and she agreed with it despite Harold MacMillan's failed plot to do this in 1963 at the end of Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine.

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