The North Western Railway (fictional) is a railway fictional in the Railway Series. The railway was formed from three different railways after they abandoned themselves by the government of Herbert Asquith, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom before the start of the First World War. By 1948 under Clement Attlee, it was named as the "North-Western Region of British Railways" but since The Fat Controller doesn't use the term because B.R. had restrictly gave him the NWR term. When Privatisation came under John Major in the early 1990s, the railway was named the NWR.

Sodor LeadershipEdit

  • Sir Topham Hatt I (1880-1956) - Was The Fat Controller from 1945 to 1954 for nine years. He was The Fat Director from 1945-1947 before his title was changed in 1948. He learns of nationalisation in 1948 and was appointed chairman of the regional executive.

He was notable for his involvements at the change in Henry's Tunnel, Thomas' Branch Line, the NWR & B.R. strike action in 1950, Henry's new shape after his accident with the Flying Kipper, buying Toby to help Thomas after an unlawful incident from the police, Queen Elizabeth II's visit in 1953 and retires in 1954 to have Charles Topham Hatt take the stand. When Percy the Small Engine came out in 1956, he died aged seventy-six years old.

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