New Little Engine
New Little Engine
Author Christopher Awdry
Illustrator Clive Spong
Publication date 1996-Present
Publication Order
Preceded by
Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines
Followed by
Thomas and Victoria
New Little Engine is the fortieth book of the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

Peter Sam has been working on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales. The Thin Controller's Railway became so busy that he had to bring Peter Sam home to help. Sir Handel was jealous, but Peter Sam told us about the time he was ill while he was in Wales. It seemed too good a story to waste, so I decided to share it with you. I hope Peter Sam isn't too upset...

The Author



Rusty has to carry the "weedkiller" train to stop weeds growing all over the track. Rheneas has to collect another coach because of more visitors, but when he arrives at a steep hill, he has to slow down. Due to the weedkiller, Rheneas keeps slipping down the hill and grinds to a halt first of all. The crew put sand on the rails and Rheneas makes a good effort up the hill with the passengers enjoying the scenery. They were pleased with Rheneas' brave efforts up the steep hill.

Sir Handel's PlanEdit

An engine shortage is becoming critical and the Thin Controller is forced to telephone British Prime Minister John Major that Peter Sam is needed home. So far, he did and Peter Sam arrives back at Crovans Gate, but Sir Handel is not pleased and feels jealous. He deliberately knocks his firebars out of place and is sent to the back of the shed, but his passengers have been taken by another engine. The Thin Controller comes to the shed a few days later and Sir Handel tells him that he knocked his firebars out for the engine shortage and the exchange. The Thin Controller says that confessions have to be made just like an interrogation and has the engine's firebars come in early next morning.

Dirty WaterEdit

Peter Sam's visit to the Talyllyn Railway was a remarkable success in his absence for the "Speedkiller" episode. He remembers once that the water on that railway was awful because something was put into it to make this enhancing. The crew was unconcerned about this and starting his train at a station, the water suddenly splashed out of his funnel with white sludge. Talyllyn took the train and the number four Skarloey Railway engine was left on a siding to be cleaned off. An investigation has finally found that the powder was a bit too much for the water to mix with it. Peter Sam didn't like this at all on his visit to the railway indeed.

I Name This Engine...Edit

The Skarloey Railway engines gossip all along as to who is the new engine on their railway. The preparations for the ceremony are still kept under the bows and covers. At last, the great day comes and Skarloey is chosen to take a train of guests to the naming ceremony at Crovans Gate, but some pigs stray onto the line forcing the guests to catch them and take them to the field without being spoilt by the mud. With the train being late and arriving at the ceremony, Mr. Hugh names the engine in his honour as Ivo Hugh, the seventh engine on the Skarloey Railway. The official party included Mr. Hugh, the Thin Controller and some of the guests attending.




  • Throughout "Speedkiller", Rheneas is depicted as a 0-4-2. Awdry and Spong didn't know that Rheneas is a 0-4-0WT.
  • In the first illustration of "Speedkiller", Rusty is seen with a circular window on the left side of his cab. An identical one is seen in the next illustration on the other side of his cab where a door should be there.
  • In the fourth illustration of "Dirty Water", the Talyllyn Railway's coaches are blue instead of their customary red, green or brown. Spong might've done it because of the Skarloey Railway and Talyllyn Railway coaches.
  • In the first illustration of "I Name This Engine...", Sir Handel's buffers are round opposed to the oval shape.
  • In the third illustration of "I Name This Engine...", Ivo Hugh is between both Duke and Duncan but his tanks weren't covered up meaning the engine's name is revealed.
  • The curtain is white in "I Name This Engine..." which suddenly turns purple in the final illustration. What's more, the third and sixth illustrations find that Ivo Hugh is missing the blue stripes on the front of his tanks.
  • Rusty and Fred are missing from the naming ceremony. Awdry didn't put them in with the steam engines.
  • Throughout "I Name This Engine...", Duke's tender is missing. Awdry didn't make Duke a full tender engine.
  • Throughout the book, Peter Sam is missing half of his running gear. Awdry could've created that mistake.
  • In the sixth illustration of "I Name This Engine...", Duke's coupling hook is missing.
  • Skarloey's dome is red in the third and second illustrations of "I Name This Engine...".
  • Peter Sam isn't in the sheds in the second illustration of "Sir Handel's Plan".

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