The National Railway Museum or NRM is a museum located in York forming part of the British National Museum for Science and Industry. It tells us the story of rail transport across the United Kingdom and its impact on society. It's said to be the largest railway museum in the world and home to several famous locomotives in England. The Shildon Locomotion Museum is a branch of the NRM.

The Railway SeriesEdit

In 1991, Thomas travelled to the museum on a lorry after heavy winds made a crossing gate crash into him after losing its lock. Following the disgruntled lorry driver fined for being parked illegally, Thomas was repaired in the museum's workshop and befriended Green Arrow who was also on repairs. The steam railway celebrations outside were getting excited until one day, someone threw their bag onto the line and Thomas who couldn't stop in time ran over the object. He later wheeshed steam only to frighten a young boy who threw the object carelessly. His mother so furious went to find the manager and complain to him. Christopher Awdry said crowd control was the problem at railway shows around the world and added this to Sodor: Reading Between the Lines.

Thomas and Green Arrow later took a special train to the seaside. Thomas saved Green Arrow from a dip where the soil eroded to a nearby river. The passengers arrived home by bus, both Thomas and Green Arrow managed to get themselves over the line in no time without any major accidents. At the museum, Thomas is celebrated as a "hero" from preventing the train getting caught in a nasty accident. The manager awards Thomas a plaque for his heroism. Thomas doesn't wear one in the final illustration of Thomas and the Great Railway Show. The passengers cheered including the NRM's engines, but the museum appeared in the last two stories of the book since it was mentioned in the first two stories of the 35th book.