Mountain Engines
Mountain Engines
Author Wilbert Awdry
Illustrator Peter and Gunvor Edwards
Publication date 1964-Present
Published by Edmund Ward
Egmont Publishing
Publication Order
Preceded by
Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine
Followed by
Very Old Engines
Mountain Engines is the nineteenth book in the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

A Rack Railway climbs the mountain called Culdee Fell. Lord Harry Barrane is Chairman of the railway company. Lots of people travel on it in the summer.

Mr. Walther Richards, the Manager, does not have an easy time. There are seven engines, one of whom, No. 5, is still away being mended. Another, No. 6, was named Lord Harry. This is a mistake. It made him conceited and... But you must read the stories for yourselves.

I hope you will enjoy this book about a different kind of railway.

The Author


Mountain EngineEdit

The Skarloey Railway engines were arguing over mountain railways when Donald brought a queer looking engine named Culdee. The mountain engine tells him all about his railway including a test that he had to take with an inspector on board but tells the driver to have Culdee's brakes off to move him. Catherine, Culdee's carriage suddenly shatters her own windows at a steep ledge on the railway's highest mountain.

Bad Look-OutEdit

Sir Handel and Duncan storm into the sheds saying about the carriages that nearly had the Scottish engine derailed. Both Skarloey and Rheneas change the subject that talks about Culdee's coaches and the tale of a sad engine named Godred. He was named after a king who served ten years on Sodor's throne and fought off his enemies coming to invade his island. Godred was dead evenly when his crew jumped clear and the engine fell from the cliff and was completely crushed at the bottom. The manager had to use the pieces left over to power up the engines, while both Duncan and Sir Handel were shocked saying "WHAT HAPPENED?!" at entirely the whole story.

Danger PointsEdit

Culdee was brought back to the railway as new British Prime Minister Harold Wilson takes over from Alec Douglas-Home. With that in hand, Culdee was introduced to some new engines including one known as Lord Harry who was sometimes called "Old Harry" for his terror. The rude engine scoffs at Culdee for his super-heating generation and pays him out by not co-operating, but taking risks off his headless mind. When Culdee brings the emergency train to the Summit, Lord Harry derails and the passengers protested at him like angry bees before the manager took them on Wilfred's down passenger train starting at the Summit.

Lord Harry was sent to the back of the shed by the manager for taking some of his own risks too seriously. What will happened to our No. 6 for now and for him, what's next?

Devil's BackEdit

No. 6 is no longer named Lord Harry after his carelessness and sent as a shunting engine to drop off men at the Summit. He wasn't feeling happy about this and shouldn't be the bully in the first place. An emergency is needed to take No. 6's train to the top. The engine struggled up the hill after picking up Culdee's doctor and rescue teams at the station, battling gale-forced winds. Early next morning, No. 6 was later named Patrick at a ceremony where the climbers went to thank the rescuers for their remarkable effort and saving their own lives.



  • This is the first and only appearance of the Culdee Fell Railway. They are mentioned in Thomas and his Friends.
  • Christopher Awdry has stated no more books about the Culdee Fell Railway due to safety precautions and limited traffic - meaning no more story opportunities.
  • "Bad Look-Out" is based on one of the Snowdon Mountain Railway's locomotives having an accident.
  • The Reverend acknowledged the help give by members of management and staff of the Snowdon Mountain Railway Ltd. in the preparation of this book.


  • Sir Handel's cab is white in the first illustration of "Mountain Engine".
  • Skarloey has a numberplate on the back of his cab in the third illustration of "Mountain Engine".
  • Alaric appears in a flashback, but Culdee didn't learn of Alaric's existence until he returned.
  • Culdee replies "But not off my buffers!", but he doesn't have any buffers.

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