More About Thomas the Tank Engine
More About Thomas The Tank Engine
Author Christopher Awdry
Illustrator Clive Spong
Publication date 1986-Present
Publication Order
Preceded by
Great Little Engines
Followed by
Gordon the High Speed Engine
More About Thomas the Tank Engine is the thiriteith book of the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

Sometimes Thomas and Percy both think they are the most important engines on the Branch line. We know better, of course, and so does The Fat Controller, which is why he did not intervene when Thomas and Percy had a quarrel. Like most quarrels, it wasn't serious to start with. It began when Percy.... But why not turn the page and read about it for yourself?

The Author


Thomas, Percy and the CoalEdit

At Ffarquhar Sheds (on TV was at Elsbridge station), Thomas brags to Percy that blue paint is the most proper and popular colour for a Really Useful Engine like him for instance. Percy the next day is shunting some coal trucks when he bumped one of them causing its door to flung open and covers Thomas who was resting in coal dust. The blue tank engine plans to pay Percy out, but has Toby to take his passenger train because Thomas needs to be cleaned at once. Both the tank engines began a big fight over each other and Toby refuses to listen. Several days later, Percy was to get a drink when the buffers were unsafe and smashes into a coal bunker cab first. Thomas laughed at the accident and Percy wanted revenge. The apology from both Thomas and Percy doesn't end there.

The RunawayEdit

Thomas one day felt very ill and The Fat Controller brings Duck from Duck's Branch Line to help Annie and Clarabel with their passengers. He did it so well that they believe the Great Western engine was kind to them than Thomas did. When the blue tank engine came back from Crovans Gate, he was promising to get Percy out of the way and for one thing he didn't know was that his brakes were stiff. A "relief" fireman came over and has the train ready at Knapford until a runaway was made when Henry came into the station. The chase was frantic, but the inspector manages to stop Thomas in time at Toryreck after failing to do so at Dryaw.

Better Late Than NeverEdit

The viaduct's arches need strengthing and the North Western Railway is getting late trains from one end to the other. Thomas is cross at this because Henry and James believe their trains are getting all of this. Later, Bertie teases Thomas that he could beat him in a race which Thomas vehemently denies. After travelling from Knapford, Thomas finds that Bertie has broken down and his passengers go onto Annie and Clarabel. The red bus comes to Ffarquhar to thank Thomas for helping out when he arrived.

Drip TankEdit

The fallout between Thomas and Percy is not over yet, but Percy tries to stop the quarrel and Thomas refuses to accept this. When Percy is scratched by a branch on the face, Thomas disbelieves it and is rude at Percy before the green tank engine pushes against it. Later, Percy asks Toby what a drip is when he heard a boy on the platform calling another boy the same word. Thomas overhears them and tells Percy that the drip is someone being a coward and the blue tank engine calls Percy one for trying to stop their quarrel. With this not ending, Thomas like a stern father said "now stop talking and go to sleep!".

If British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher called her Transport Minister a drip, he would be a coward for the privatisation of British Railways which she said to never mention that to her again. Later, Thomas got his comeuppance when his siderod snaps and destroys his water tank and Percy had to help him. He later rescues Thomas after he refuses to go from last night's rowdy talk. Both engines apologised to each other for the quarrel, cowards and the coal for their own fireboxes.



  • Christopher Awdry has stated the offensive term "drip" had fallen out of use and was regrettable for him to put into the book. He also didn't like the book because it was unimaginative.
  • This book is unique in the fact that it was written specifically for television as part of a deal between the Awdrys and Britt Allcroft saying that all stories had to be televised in print form first. The first three episodes were in season two and narrated by both George Carlin and Ringo Starr for US & UK versions.


  • When the cleaners clean Thomas, they look too large in the fourth illustration of "Thomas, Percy and the Coal".

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