Mike is the strong red engine who prefers goods trains than passengers on the Arlesdale Railway. His temper matches the paint and often being sometimes hot-headed. He was proud of his whistle, he lost once trying to shoo a cow on the line.

Bio in the BooksEdit

Mike mocks Duck that his whistle isn't working and makes unusual noises while his crew were making eggs for breakfast. Rex tells Mike to lose his whistle and got bad-tempered by this, but has to take the passengers because the Small Controller ordered no freight for him until the passengers are safe and lets Bert take the goods. While hauling the passenger train, his whistle got so loud trying to move a cow on the line that it shot off like a rocket and landed into a field. The crew and passengers had to whistle for him all the way home, but at Arlesburgh, the Small Controller was so angry he sent Mike to the quarries for working there and no spare whistles were found in his office at all.

Following a cameo in Oliver the Western Engine and a non-speaking role in Duke the Lost Engine, Mike wanted to pay Jock out for his cockiness in Jock the New Engine. The plan backfires unfortunately when Mike's injector fails on the return journey and Jock has to take him home. Jock and Mike had to apologise to each other following Bert's coupling snap which he had to use some glue as part of his "sticking power".

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