The Mid Sodor Railway was a narrow gauge railway running from 1880 to 1947. Some parts of the line were re-built for the Arlesdale Railway, but it never got through and the majority of the line was still closed. It has operated for sixty-seven years from the near-turn of the century to the second year of the Cold War between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The railway had its longest-serving year after the Sodor & Mainland Railway changed into the NWR to seek more finanical assistance since its collapse in 1910.

The Railway SeriesEdit

This was featured in the book, Duke the Lost Engine. The Mid Sodor Railway was led by a manager during the railway's history. Duke saved Sir Handel (Falcon was Sir Handel's former name) from a dip off the mountain, Stanley was turned into a generator at the back of the shed for riding rough on the rails & Peter Sam (Stuart was his former name) couldn't get the train going and Duke had to help him up to Arlesburgh station. In 1947, the line was closed and Stanley was scrapped. An expedition was made to find Duke and bring him home, but Reverend Teddy Boston fell through a hole and found him. Duke was sent by road all the way to Crovans Gate where he was to be mended and join the Skarloey Railway engines in 1983 to return to service after his restoration.


  • Arlesburgh
    • Arlesburgh West
    • Arlesburgh Bridge Street
  • Arlesdale
    • Arlesdale Green
    • Arlesdale Tramway
    • Arlesdale Engine Sheds
      • Duke’s Old Shed
    • Arlesdale Valley
    • Arlesdale Mines
  • Bertram’s Old Mine
  • Ulfstead Road
  • King Orry’s Bridge
  • The Mountain Road
  • Ffarquhar Road
  • Marthwaite
    • River Arle
  • Cas-ny-Hawin
  • Duke’s Old Village
  • Ballamoddey
  • Elm Farm
  • Valesbridge
  • Kirkleas (hamlet)