Mallard is a LNER steam locomotive that appeared in Thomas and the Great Railway Show and was mentioned in Gordon the High Speed Engine. The LNER A4 Pacific was built on March 3rd, 1938 at Doncaster and in four months of that same year while being tested, Mallard set the world record at 126mph between Grantham and Peterborough with seven coaches.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Gordon the High-Speed EngineEdit

In Gordon the High Speed Engine, Mallard was mentioned as a distant cousin of Gordon which the link wasn't related but Flying Scotsman was Gordon's brother since he came to Sodor in the twenty-third book, Enterprising Engines. Gordon references Mallard that the LNER A4 went one hundred and twenty-six miles an hour on July 3rd, 1938 and was just one more length of speed since the Other Railway introduced High-Speed Trains. The introduction of these were made as privatisation on the Other Railway was made clear as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said to her Transport Minister, Nicholas Ridley that "Railway privatisation will be the Waterloo of this government. Please never mention the railways to me again."

Thomas and the Great Railway ShowEdit

In Thomas and the Great Railway Show, Mallard was seen with both Thomas and the Duchess of Hamilton. He said that he can't take railtours to the seaside for of his own reasons. The manager of the National Railway Museum in York chose Green Arrow to take the passenger trains as Thomas was feeling delighted.