Lord Harry (currently named Patrick in honour of an injured climber) is a mountain engine working on the Culdee Fell Railway and was originally named after Lord Harry Barrane, the chairman of the board.

Bio in Mountain EnginesEdit

Lord Harry was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1922 to a "super-heated" design and then arrived on the railway in March 1962 giving Lord Harry Barrane's name in honour to the sixth narrow-gauge engine at a local ceremony. The engine was very troublesome and couldn't take the risk of handling coaches and wanted to be exciting for longer periods of time. When he came off at the Summit, the engine blocked both roads of the station leaving the tourists buzzing him like angry bees and was sent to the back of the shed by his manager, Mr. Walther Richards.

The engine has his name expelled and No. 6 became a shunter after hearing Godred's tale of death. At one time during his shunting, there was an emergency where he helped some climbers after they had an accident. They battled through the strong wind and reached the end. An ambulance took the injured to hospital and next morning, the climbers named him Patrick after that climber who was injured in the actual event had to save the other two men. Lord Harry and the rest of his engine team including Lord Barrane and Mr. Richards only appeared in the 1964 book, Mountain Engines in the entire Railway Series collection.

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