Lady is an Magical purple engine with an magical line called The Magic Railroad. Sadly, she is not in the railway series but in a first appearence in the first Thomas and friends movie, Thomas And The magic Railroad. Due to loads of directors cut and confusion of the audience of the first audience review, they changed it to the worst all time movie in Thomas and friends history.

                                        Origns                                                                        She is a tank engine with the colours,Gold, Dark Purple and Purple. She is best friends with Thomas as they deafeted Diesel 10 at the viaduct. Lady lives at Muffle Mountain with Burnett Stone,(Her Creator.) She was first built as a project for his class but Burnett's enemy, P.T Boomer, got involved in a fight and Burnett built lady while Boomer built Diesel 10. Burnett got in a chase with Boomer chasing him. He chased Burnett until there was a bend and lady used up all her coal but going too fast and that made the accident. Burnett kept trying to repair Lady in his secret workshop in muffle mountain. Burnett's daughter, Lilly, ended up in muffle mountain as Thomas went through the magic railroad with her. Thomas brought a truck full of welsh coal as they found it in the magic railroad. By then, Burnett was done fixing Lady but needed some type of coal.He had tried all types of coal but it didn't work. Patch brought Lilly back to Burnett's workshop but Patch even brought enough coal to repair Lady. Although Lady was ment to be only in this movie, she had another appearence in the other Thomas movie, Calling All Engines. That was when thomas was sleeping but was dreaming about going to Muffle Mountain where Rusty and Lady works together. Rusty and Lady gave Thomas advice about working together. Sadly, those were the only appearences of Lady

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