Knapford Harbour is the port situated at the southern end of Thomas' Branch Line. It appeared in Percy the Small Engine, Eight Famous Engines and Toby, Trucks and Trouble. Those three books were published in 1956, 1957 and 1988.

History at the HarbourEdit

British Prime Minister Anthony Eden ordered the construction of Knapford Harbour under The Fat Controller who was responsible for using Percy to work there. He also sent Duck from the Great Western Railway in England to join the NWR fleet and build the harbour. The harbour was built with stone from Anopha Quarry brought in to build it. This proved to be a major success. A year later, the foundations of the quay were sunk by the water. Percy with help from the Troublesome Trucks pushed him, knocking his driver and fireman from the footplate and dived into the sea after crashing through the buffers. The Fat Controller later ordered Percy to be lifted out that night and send him to Crovans Gate.

In 1988, Percy pushed several trucks into their proper sidings when a coupling snapped forcing the trucks to crash off the quay and into Bulstrode, an arrogant old barge. After the accident, Bulstrode was put on a nearby beach for children to play in. The British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher told The Fat Controller that the accident was caused by the Troublesome Trucks who were right by saying to Bulstrode that he's in the wrong place, not them. The Fat Controller agreed with the cause of that accident on his railway.

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