Jock the New Engine
Jock the New Engine
Author Christopher Awdry
Illustrator Clive Spong
Publication date 1990-Present
Publication Order
Preceded by
Thomas and the Twins
Followed by
Thomas and the Great Railway Show
Jock the New Engine is the thirty-fourth book of the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

The Arlesdale Railway is a narrow-gauge line which runs inland along a beautiful valley. It starts at the terminus of Duck's Branch line, and Duck and Oliver bring many visitors. So many, in fact, that Rex, Bert and Mike found that they couldn't carry them all on their own. And that was why Jock was built. I like Jock - I hope you will too.


We Need Another EngineEdit

Small Railway Engines is now published and to Wilbert Awdry's mistake, he didn't include Frank the diesel because of his presence on the Arlesdale Railway. He smashes the back of the engine shed in bad temper and The Small Controller has to repair it by using some workmen. Rex later breaks his steampipe when it leaks and Frank surely comes to the rescue. The Small Controller is pleased and thinking that Frank can't do all rescues, he thinks of something very, very special.

Sticking PowerEdit

Bert is unwell and both Rex and Mike are unsympathetic. The problem was he needed new tubes like Gordon had in Really Useful Engines, but Bert cheers up when the new engine is built with construction starting and The Small Controller will like to see it finished. This was said by a fitter who fitted his new tubes. Bert takes a passenger train and enjoys the ride, but when he starts again the coupling snapped. His driver had to glue it on and Bert took the train on as the glue sticks to the broken coupling. He later tells Rex and Mike in the sheds that night about his incident and goes to sleep without "sticking power" to the coaches ever again.


Bert tells the engines about his secret as the new engine is being made in the workshop. A few weeks later, the new engine comes out in an ochre of colour ready for testing out, but trouble is that The Small Controller doesn't have a name for the engine. Donald's twin Douglas arrives with Duck and says that engines coloured yellow in the Highlands were called "Jocks". The happy Small Controller christens the name "Jock" although his nameplate is missing in the final illustration.


Jock proves his worth as the holidays came again and people wanted to see him. He becomes cocky but takes a lorry's trailer into the yard after its driver had trouble getting in. Next day, Jock double-heads a surprised Mike with a passenger train and trundles through the countryside. Mike decided to pay him out by blowing much steam to give his driver more time in stopping and Jock pulling himself. At the Green, Mike backfires himself and his injector fails but Jock certainly pulled the train as another reason for this. With little time lost, Jock and Mike apologised to each other for their antics but the book ends there for now.



  • Christopher Awdry acknowledged the late Mr. Douglas Ferreira, longtime manager of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway and the help by members of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Preservation Society in the preparation of this book.


  • In "Jock", the text mentions Mike winking at Rex, but it's Rex who's winking at Mike. Awdry had forgotten who winked at first.
  • In "Jock", the coaches are visible near Bert. But in the next illustration, they have gone.
  • In "Jock", Duck is with the Scottish engine but puffing two lines across with no numberplate and by compensation from the British Treasury, has sand-boxes like his classmates.
  • In "Jock", his nameplate is seen before Douglas came and The Small Controller didn't name him yet, but it's gone when he christens the name "Jock". This is fixed in the 2013 re-issue of the book.
  • Between "Jock" and "Teamwork", Jock's rear end of the tender is curved but it's not in the final story of the book.
  • In "We Need Another Engine", Frank goes forwards to smash the back of the engine shed but he's going backwards to smash it.
  • In "Jock", Jock's colour was an undercoat but other details such as his linings is painted on.

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