Jock was a new Arlesdale Railway engine named by Douglas for his yellow-green livery and was the strongest than the other engines.

Bio in Jock the New EngineEdit

In Jock the New Engine published in 1990, the Small Controller began thinking about building Jock for the time being. The engine came out of the workshop feeling very well done, but he didn't have a name yet. The Small Controller couldn't think of one and both Duck and Douglas arrived to pick up a ballast train. Douglas named him Jock because of his livery and were engines working on the Highland Railway in his days. Mr. Fergus Duncan liked the idea and named him Jock. He hauled a lorry's trailer on the back end after the lorry driver didn't know what to do and Jock helped Mike with a passenger train after Mike's plan to pay him out backfired when his injector failed to store more water. He also has a non-speaking role in Wilbert the Forest Engine which was published in 1994.

Goofs from the BookEdit

Many mistakes in the book by Christopher Awdry and Clive Spong have been made in the third episode, "Jock". Jock's yellow-green livery was just an undercoat, but Spong had given few details to paint the linings and fewer details on Jock but this was the number one mistake in the book. Number two in this was the rear end of Jock's tender which was curved like his front in the episode, but it wasn't when the episode "Teamwork" was Awdry's final work in the book. The final mistake involved the nameplate because it was seen before Douglas arrived and the Small Controller didn't name him yet. Some of the final illustrations when the Small Controller announced "Jock" as the name didn't have the nameplate on him. This was later fixed in the 2013 re-issue of the 1990 book to celebrate the twenty-third anniversary of the book.

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