Henry and the Express
Henry & the Express
Author Christopher Awdry
Illustrator Clive Spong
Publication date 1993-Present
Publication Order
Preceded by
Thomas Comes Home
Followed by
Wilbert the Forest Engine
Henry and the Express is the thirty-seventh book of the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

When I went to see Henry recently he was moaning about not having a book to himself for ages.

"Yes", I agreed, "There's the story about patching up your smokebox"...

"And the time my wheel broke," he interrupted.

"What about when you came out of the Works before you'd been properly painted?" I said.

"You wouldn't...!" he said.

But I would and I have. it might teach Henry not to try to tell me what to do.

The Author


Out of PuffEdit

The Fat Controller is cross with British Prime Minister John Major over a new type of coal. It makes more ashes and creates indigestion for the engines, which is called as "FILTHY RUBBISH!". Henry couldn't make it past Wellsworth and his crew find that the smokebox door is bent. They made papier mache to fix the problem and the train is taken by another engine. Henry arrives safely home, but Donald and Douglas make breathing noises in the shed that night making Henry more angry and the others laugh and laugh all night long in Tidmouth Sheds.


Henry is due for an overhaul and is ordered to double head the express with James to Crovans Gate. James feels bitter, but more better after good timing on Gordon's Hill - up to the point where things fly from Henry hitting James and the coaches. No one was hurt and Henry's crew find a steel rim from one wheel has fallen. James later jokes that Henry should be "retiring" from his duty of mix-traffic.

Sliding ScalesEdit

With Henry away, the Flying Kipper is to be taking turns. James takes his turn and sets off for the harbour. Fish later is scattered onto the tracks by an out of control forklift and ice is turned into puddles, but the fish oil makes James helplessly slip. Workmen cleared the mess using sand and clean water from a hose before James can move the Flying Kipper again all the way up to Vicarstown station.

Henry Sees RedEdit

Workmen have made an undercoat for Henry before his green coat and returns to work a few days later. An emergency at Tidmouth forces Henry out of Crovans Gate and takes the train at the end of the line. The brake coach stops them at Wellsworth, destroying Henry's chances running to the top of Gordon's Hill and Henry is uncoupled himself. With a good effort up the hill, the train arrives at Vicarstown and Sir Topham Hatt thanks Henry with a coat of green paint. This should give him a happy ending to his own overhaul in the book.



  • When Henry stops after braking his tyre, the Peel Godred Branch appears in the background. The line instead of joining goes underneath the main line.
  • Ice is absent when the box of fish is destroyed. In the next illustration, a puddle of water believing to be ice is seen on the platform.
  • Henry's valve gear parts are missing throughout the book.
  • Douglas has white smoke opposed to the text about the new coal making the engines' smoke black.

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