Henry's Tunnel was the tunnel that appeared in The Three Railway Engines which was the first book made by Wilbert Awdry in 1945. Henry stayed in the tunnel because the rain would spoil his lovely green paint and red stripes but was inside the eastern bore where he stayed in. It also appeared in the final Railway Series book known as Thomas and his Friends in the fourth episode "Centenary".

The Railway SeriesEdit

Heavy rain came about on Sodor and Henry stayed in the eastern bore of the tunnel in 1945. The passengers with instructions from The Fat Controller pushed and pulled, but to no good. The Red Engine evenly tried to push the train out of the tunnel but Henry stayed inside and The Fat Controller gave up by bricking Henry up in the tunnel. This is why many people call the tunnel as "Henry's Tunnel" because he refused to come out and didn't want his lovely green paint and red stripes getting wet. Before the passengers got out of the train, the train conductor tried blowing his whistle and waving two flags to get Henry's attention, but Henry wheeshed steam at him being soaked from head to toe.

When Gordon broke down while pulling the express and Edward tried to pull the heavy train, Henry was let out by The Fat Controller by knocking down the bricks and helped Edward take the train to Barrow. They later helped Gordon back to the shed. In 2011, James collected the bust from Barrow and chuffed through Henry's Tunnel when the top of the tunnel actually collapsed. This blocked the lines between the NWR and B.R. causing delays for trains from Tidmouth to Barrow. It was repaired in time for Pip and Emma to move forward and bring the Prince to unveil the statue of the author who created the Railway Series.

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