Hackenbeck is a small hamlet to the western side of Ffarquhar, serviced by a halt on Thomas' Branch Line. Outside the nearby tunnel, Thomas once got caught in a snowdrift and the station is just north of the tunnel. Also a stream passes under the railway line east of the station. Mrs. Kyndley lives in a cottage south of the tunnel. 

The StreamEdit

In 1992, the snow has melted but temperature for the water has risen to dangerous levels. Percy is worried about this and believes it could destroy the bridge at that stream. To Percy's relief, Toby tells him the news that the water level is dropping downwards. Later when Percy takes Annie and Clarabel across the bridge, he hears an ominous creaking and suddenly after Clarabel's wheels were off the bridge, the entire of it was no more and was swamped downstream. The timber built for the bridge was gone, but Sir Topham Hatt orders the repair of the bridge with that railway line closed and The Caterpillar Crane starts working all day to fix it. Although things were back to normal after its rebuilding, Percy always has been careful to cross the bridge without another ominous creaking. This is from the second episode in the book, Thomas Comes Home.

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