Green Arrow is a LNER Class V2 built in 1936 built at Doncaster Works for the London and North Eastern Railway.


Green Arrow was built in 1936 to work on the LNER. He pulled main-line passenger trains until he was withdrawn from service in 1962. He was preserved by Doncaster Works in 1963, after which it was stored for ten years in multiple locations. Green Arrow was moved to Wingston in 1967, which was though to be its permanent locoation until it was moved to Municapal Museum which was proposed for the nearby city of Leicester. But after the museum construction was cancelled, it was moved to the National Railway Museum and became one of its main attractions.

Currently, Green Arrow is awaiting overhaul to pull more railtours at the National Railway Museum.

Thomas and the Great Railway ShowEdit

When Thomas visited the National Railway Museum in 1990, he met Green Arrow, who was being repaired. The two became friends and double-headed a railtour together.

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