The Flying Kipper is the railwaymen's nickname for the overnight goods train, usually pulled by Henry that carries fish from Tidmouth to the mainland which is known as the United Kingdom. It appeared in three Railway Series books which were Henry the Green Engine, Really Useful Engines and Henry and the Express.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Henry The Green Engine Edit

In 1951, Henry took the Flying Kipper in the early morning with the reward of pulling Gordon's express. He left punctually at 5am and Henry made good timing to nearly reach the mainland but a yellow signal was set at "danger", forcing Henry to stop but kept going because the home signal was down. The points were frozen and Henry collided into the rear of a goods train leaving him dozed until the morning. The Fat Controller tells Henry the accident was caused by ice and snow before Henry was sent to Crewe in England which was "a fine place for sick engines". Henry came back in his new shape early next morning after workmen got rid of his old shape which was used from 1945 to 1951.

Gordon The Big Engine Edit

It was mentioned by Gordon when Henry took the express from him.

Really Useful Engines Edit

At least thirty-two years after Henry's accident, Henry became the main engine to pull the fish train. In 1983, fresh catches of fish from fishermen prompted more vans for the train. Unluckily for Henry, the vans were old and rusty but The Fat Controller said to use them for now. Henry took the train very well until up Gordon's Hill, Duck banks him up starting from Wellsworth. The tail lamp at the rear end of the Flying Kipper dropped and Duck was accidentally uncoupled. Henry feared that the train was getting heavy, but Duck crashed the rear end into a mess and Henry stopped the train on top of the hill. The train had to wait until the morning and Sir Topham Hatt founded the actual cause of the accident.

Henry and the Express Edit

When Henry was overhauled in 1993, the engines took in turns of carrying the Flying Kipper. James has now got to take it and a crate of fish was scattered by an out of control forklift in front of him. Oil left by the fish caused James not to start and helplessly slipped on the rails. With both sand and clean water used by the workmen, James sets off from the docks many minutes late. He called this as "YOU COULDN'T GET THE SMELL OFF YOUR TENDER FOR WEEKS". Also, the fish train was mentioned in Gordon the Big Engine when Henry took the express from Gordon.

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