Dryaw is a station and village near Thomas' Branch Line. Dryaw has two stations: one for passenger trains and one for goods trains, but the latter of which is built in the first place. Two lines of track go through that station. Meanwhile, the goods station is ironically in the middle of the village where it was better equipped than the passenger station due to overcrowding problems and there is an unstaffed halt some distance away from the village. Dryaw's villagers however often save themselves the walk to the passenger station by hitching a ride on a brakevan of goods trains from both directions headed to Ffarquhar at Anopha Quarry or Knapford Harbour to catch the boat and was first constructed in 1956, particularly on market days.

Dryaw has an airfield here only for lightweight aircraft. Harold the helicopter sometimes land here for a break. The Railway Series has Dryaw possibly coming from the firm A. W. Dry or the phrase, "dry out" meaning the site of this village being one of the first sections of land to be reclaimed from the sea by the company. It only appears in the television series from seasons one to nine of Thomas and Friends.

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