D4711 is the diesel locomotive sent by British Railways under British Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan to starve off the infamous Great Train Robbery and his resignation to ill health. He didn't know that Stepney was on the North Western Railway and is to end his last day on Sodor.

The Railway SeriesEdit

D4711 was sent by B.R. to deal with the passenger and goods work for the NWR only for him to insult the engines and causing the railway to explode in fury over this because Prime Minister MacMillan wants to distract Stepney's four day visit to the Island of Sodor. The Diesel needed to take a special train from Tidmouth down to Barrow (leaving Gordon shocked to find that D4711 will pass Crovans Gate) with connections being made for London. An inspector's hat disputed his air-intake and that person sent by MacMillan also was to work this out before Sir Topham Hatt could be angry at taking over the NWR.

Duck and Stepney bring the Diesel back only for the inspector attempting to stop the train to find his hat. The Fat Controller was so furious that he said to the inspector "BOTHER YOUR HAT!". D4711 was sent home by Sir Topham Hatt without a word and with MacMillan resigned, Alec Douglas-Home sorted the Diesel out with his tactics and Stepney is celebrating at home by him. Sir Topham Hatt says "don't come back with a Diesel up your minds, Prime Minister" to which he agreed with despite MacMillan's treachery against the Island of Sodor.


It's recently been confirmed on Twitter that his number was actually D261, the same as his TV Series counterpart.


Railway SeriesEdit

  • Stepney The "Bluebell" Engine

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