The Culdee Fell Railway is Sodor's only rack railway as the rest such as the Skarloey Railway and the North Western Railway are narrow and standard gauges. Lord Harry Barrane is the chairman of the board with his name given to one of his engines, but since he's busy, Mr. Walther Richards is the manager of the railway. It is famously inspired by the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Based around Mountain Engines published in 1964, the narrow gauge engines (Skarloey, Rheneas and Sir Handel) first saw Culdee on a flatbed and he tells him about his railway. The first story involved Culdee getting up the mountain and being tested by an inspector who said to his driver to not have the loco's brakes on. There was one broken rule of safety precaution when Catherine, Culdee's carriage suddenly broke her windows near a steep ledge. The second story involves Godred which he had a nasty accident. He was coming down when he started to roll over but his driver and fireman jumped clear as the carriage stopped. Godred was crushed below and was used up by the other engines. Mr. Walther Richards said the accident was believed to be caused by a large stone, but nothing was heard from the accident.

The third story later involves Lord Harry who was rude and showing off by not taking precautions, refusing to co-operate and got derailed at the top station blocking Wilfred's passenger train. Lord Harry after a stern warning from the manager was sent to the back of the shed. The last story says that No. 6 (formerly Lord Harry) had rescued a group of climbers from a nasty accident. He was later named Patrick after one of the climbers who was injured in the fall. Both Lord Barrane and Mr. Richards say that name was a good idea. The Culdee Fell Railway only appeared in Mountain Engines and was however mentioned in Thomas and his Friends.

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