The Corris Railway is where Sir Haydn worked here after being built by the Hughes' Loco and Tramway Engine Ltd. Loughborough as a standard tank of 0-4-0 in 1878. The railway is twenty-seven gauged in Merionethshire. Both engines numbers one and two were scrapped in 1930 leaving Sir Haydn to work alone for another eighteen years. The line later closed down in 1948 and Sir Haydn was left there sheeted until being founded and started to worked on the Talyllyn Railway in 1951. Currently, an engine is being built for the railway when Sir Haydn returned to this railway for the second time.

In FictionEdit

The Corris Railway is the basis for the Mid Sodor Railway. That railway was completed in 1880 and was led by a manager. With Stanley turned into a generator, Duke was the oldest of the railway as Falcon and Stuart were the young ones. The Mid Sodor Railway was closed down in 1947 due to flooding in a lead mine, but both Falcon and Stuart were brought by the Skarloey Railway based on the Talyllyn Railway. No one wanted Duke and sheeted him in the Arlesdale shed where he rests in peace following the death of "his grace", Lieutenant Colonel Robert Charles Norramby who was killed in 1943 by retreating Axis forces in North Africa as the Allies were winning in the Sahara Desert from Egypt to Tunisia by storm.