China clay is a type of stone used at Anopha Quarry and the Sodor China Clay Company. This is made into a white powdery stuff like salt and sugar and China clay is a mineral. China clay is also known as Kaolinite. They are put into China clay trucks carried by Bill and Ben or BoCo at the harbour in Brendam.

Uses of China clayEdit

China clay has been in many uses like:

  • Production of paper and ensuring the gloss on some grades of paper
  • Ceramics and technically the main component in porcelain
  • In toothpaste to brush your teeth
  • Light diffusing material in white incandescent light bulbs
  • In cosmetics
  • As paint in titanium dioxide and glossing levels
  • Semi-reinforcing properties in rubber
  • Adhesives to modify rheology
  • Production of common smoking pipes in Asia and Europe
  • In organic farming outside
  • Whitewash e.g. traditional stone masonry homes in Nepal
  • Filler in Edison Diamond Discs
  • An indicator in radiological dating since China clay can contain traces of uranium and thorium
  • Medicines
  • For facial masks and/or soap

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