The China Clay Workings (also known as the Sodor China Clay Company) is the site near Brendam for China clay and to the China clay trucks hauled by Bill and Ben, BoCo and Edward. They own Bill and Ben who were introduced in 1966 and use them to bring China clay from its workstations along a private line to the harbour at Brendam where ships later take them to the mainland.

The Television SeriesEdit

For Thomas and Friends in its second season aired in 1986, the China Clay Workings first appeared in the first story of Main Line Engines (adapted to the TV) and also in the final story of the book. The area appeared regularly like season three where Bill and Ben fell out with each other and a rockslide destroyed the area causing multiple damage plus The Fat Controller's demolition to the entire area. Bill and Ben later moved to the Centre Island Quarry in season six after one appearance in season five at Anopha Quarry before their transfers in 2002.

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