Branch Line Engines
Author Wilbert Awdry
Illustrator John T. Kenney
Publication date 1961-Present
Published by Edmund Ward
Egmont Publishing
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Twin Engines
Followed by
Gallant Old Engine
Branch Line Engines is the sixteenth book of the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

We never have a dull moment on our Branch Line. Thomas was silly and got into trouble, so a Diesel Rail-car called Daisy came. She caused trouble, but has now promised to be good, so The Fat Controller has kindly given her another chance.

Meanwhile, Toby chased a bull, Percy got into a predicament and...

But you must read the stories for yourselves.

The Author


Thomas Comes to BreakfastEdit

One day, Thomas tells Percy and Toby that he didn't need his driver. This was a misunderstanding for him when a careless cleaner fiddled with his controls in the cab. The blue tank engine couldn't wheesh and couldn't stop, he just kept rolling along. He later crashes into the stationmaster's house in Ffarquhar and the stationmaster was very cross. His wife was furious because Thomas had ruined the family breakfast and slammed the door so hard that the broken plaster from the ceiling fell on Thomas when she had to cook some more. With some strong poles added by workmen, Donald and Douglas pulled him out of the wreckage and onto the rails.

The Fat Controller was cross with Thomas and sent him straight to Crovans Gate to be mended, while he conducts a manhunt for the cleaner who created the crash on his own.


With the cleaner presumably fired for the crash, Thomas is at Crovans Gate to be mended. Daisy arrives to help Percy and Toby with the passenger work. Behind The Fat Controller's back, she is just lazing about after saying the Ffarquhar Sheds were "stinky" plus insulting Annie and Clarabel with Henrietta after resting in the carriage shed. At the station, she slithers in and gets the passengers onto her train but a standoff erupts when she had to take a milk van on her train ride around Thomas' Branch Line. After the standoff ends with the milk van uncoupled and the passengers complained, Daisy had a very good time travelling on her own swerves.

Bulls EyesEdit

Daisy pokes fun at Toby for his cowcatchers and sideplates saying that they aren't the right basis to save animals from being hurt. The Diesel Rail-car says to "toot and look them in the eye" to catch her attention, but this didn't go well when Champion the bull disallows his listening to Daisy while eating grass. She heads back to Dryaw after her driver, train conductor and a policeman tried to "shoo" him away. Toby comes to the rescue by wheeshing steam at Champion, forcing him to be back inside the truck. Daisy was later taunted by some boys with sweets called "Bulls Eyes" and she gets huffy about it.

Percy's PredicamentEdit

The milk van is left behind by Daisy again and Percy feels cross that a female engine couldn't do what their controller says. Toby agreed to the plan that he will take the milk and Percy to collect his stone trucks from Anopha Quarry. He rudely permits the trucks to stay in one position and they want revenge. A sign says "ALL TRAINS TO STOP AND PIN DOWN BRAKES" is spotted and Percy plans to stop. The Troublesome Trucks knowing this is NOW pushed the small green locomotive through the level crossing and then another train of stone by accident until finally the Brakevan is smashed to pieces.

The Fat Controller was cross with Percy saying that the British Prime Minister's Transport Ministry putted Sodor in an awkward predicament and found out about Daisy's laziness saying, "MY ENGINES DO NOT TELL LIES". Thomas is brought back, Percy is to be mended and The Fat Controller uses Daisy as a second chance becoming the first female engine on Sodor to be welcomed on the North Western Railway.



  • The second illustration of "Bull's Eyes" has Daisy's side having a British Railways logo of the "cycling lion".
  • Reverend Awdry told John T. Kenney that to make Thomas' accident go smoothly, he arranged it to fix the dip that was on Thomas' running plate.


  • Donald and Douglas should receive their blue paint by now. They are still black coloured in all.
  • A nameplate is seen on Donald above his face. This was its only appearance.
  • The milk van is mysteriously coupled up to Daisy while she was arguing with the shunter, stationmaster and her crew.
  • Daisy has a British Railways logo in "Bulls Eyes", but not in "Daisy".

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