Bert is one of the engines working on the Arlesdale Railway with Rex and Mike. He is more quiet than the other two because of their constant bragging.

Bio in the BooksEdit

After his arrival, Bert didn't want to be taken by Wilbert Awdry and Edwin Boston for photos when they come around to see him. He felt happy at first when they shook hands with Bert's driver. The car that the Reverends drove in splashed him across his face and was very wet indeed. He wanted to pay them out when Reverend Boston chose himself to take the train. Bert showered him and the passengers with water at one part of the railway before returning home. Both parties made up for the mistake, the Small Controller said no excuses to Bert because the Reverends splashed him and was used in Small Railway Engines published in 1967 as the twenty-second book.

It was illustrated by both Peter and Gunvor Edwards. After Tramway Engines, Bert had trouble steaming up and his appearance was changed into a model with a taller chimney, dome and cab for his driver. He was given a larger boiler in 1976. He appeared in every book featuring him, Rex and Mike, but makes a cameo in Oliver the Western Engine with Mike first and Rex lastly in the 1969 book.

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