Bachmann have made their own Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends range since 2002. The models are made with specially made body toolings to resemble the characters in the television series. The engines also have moving eyes.

Note: Because this isn't a TV Series wiki, this article only contains stuff from The Railway Series.

HO ScaleEdit


Rolling stockEdit

  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Henrietta
  • Express Composite Coach (discontinued)
  • Express Brake Coach (discontinued)
  • Gordon's Express Composite Coach
  • Gordon's Express Brake Coach
  • Troublesome Truck #1
  • Troublesome Truck #2
  • Troublesome Truck #3
  • Cargo Car
  • Open Wagon - Blue
  • S. C. Ruffey
  • Tar tanker (discontinued)
  • Oil tanker
  • Open Wagon - Red
  • Coal Wagon with Load
  • Cattle wagon (discontinued)
  • Well wagon (discontinued)
  • Cream tanker
  • Raspberry syrup tanker
  • Salt Wagon
  • RF Container Wagon (discontinued)
  • 6 Ton Wagon (discontinued)
  • Mail coach
  • Brakevan
  • Ventilated van
  • Flatbed with paint drums
  • Ice Cream Wagon (coming soon)
  • Fred Pelhay (cancelled)
  • Rickety (cancelled)

Non-Rail CharactersEdit

Sodor SceneryEdit

  • Sodor Junction station (discontinued)
  • Water tower (discontinued)
  • Coaling station (discontinued)
  • Pedestrian bridge (discontinued)
  • Signal gantry (two-pack; discontinued)
  • Switch tower
  • Tidmouth Sheds with manually-operated turntable
  • Tidmouth Sheds expansion pack
  • Knapford station building kit
  • Sodor Lighthouse
  • The Windmill


  • Thomas with Annie and Clarabel set - Thomas, Annie and Clarabel and circle of E-Z track
  • Percy the Small Engine set - Percy, Troublesome Truck #1, Troublesome Truck #2 and circle of E-Z track (discontinued)
  • James the Red Engine freight set - James, blue open wagon, fuel tanker, brake van and circle of E-Z track (discontinued)
  • Gordon's Express set - Gordon, Express composite and brake coaches and oval of E-Z track (discontinued)
  • Deluxe Thomas and Friends special set - Thomas, Annie and Clarabel, Bertie, Harold, the Fat Controller and oval of E-Z track
  • Thomas' "Fun with Freight set" - Thomas, S. C. Ruffey, red open wagon, cream tanker, cattle van, conductor and oval of E-Z track
  • Thomas "Holiday Special" set - Thomas with holiday hat and snowplow, coach with Christmas decoration, truck with Christmas tree, candy cane tanker and oval of E-Z track


  • Hook-and-loop couplers

Large ScaleEdit


  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • James

Rolling Stock and AccessoriesEdit

  • Annie
  • Clarabel
  • Troublesome Truck #1
  • Troublesome Truck #2
  • Tidmouth Milk Tanker
  • Sodor Fuel Tanker
  • Oil Tanker
  • Tar Tanker
  • Coal Wagon with load
  • Cargo Car
  • S.C. Ruffey (coming soon)
  • Brakevan (coming soon)
  • Thomas' snow plough


  • Thomas, Annie and Clarabel set - Thomas, Annie and Clarabel, oval of track, and DVD format video instructions
  • Percy and the Troublesome Trucks set - Percy, Troublesome Truck #1, Troublesome Truck #2, oval of track, and DVD format video instructions
  • Thomas' Christmas Delivery set - Thomas with holiday hat and snowplough, red open wagon with presents, decorated coach, oval of track, and DVD instructions (coming soon)


  • The large scale engines have CGI-style faces.
  • The large scale tankers have the new CGI logos.
  • The HO scale oil tanker, mail coach, raspberry syrup tanker, and cream tanker were first available in their model form, but have been revamped to have their CGI logos.
  • Thomas, Percy, and James' HO models do not have front coupling hooks.
  • On James' HO model, the wheels and axleboxes are painted grey and part of his smoke box is painted red when they should be black.
  • Percy's HO model has an oversized coal bunker and cab steps mounted on the side of the running board when they should be under the cab.
  • Henry's tender is a bit shorter than in the TV series.
  • Terence's HO model has a removable snowplough.
  • The HO human figures are larger than HO scale.
  • Diesel is the first, and so far only, HO engine to have a CGI-style face.
  • The original Sodor scenery accessories used the same tooling as Bachmann's Plasticville line.

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